Mission Control®

The future of productivity

Handle your work-life balance once and for all.


What do all executives, management and employees have to deal with all day, every day? Most wouldn’t argue with this answer: “I have more to do than I can get done in a day, and it’s like that every day.”

Marketing surveys conducted with business people consistently reveal that most people report a sense of being burdened with too much to do, as well as the sense that what they do doesn’t necessarily matter. People are resigned to and burdened by a reality that there is too much to do, and by the number of incomplete projects linked to that reality. We have become inured to that reality and produce results because of and despite that condition.


In Mission Control®, you get full control on what needs to be done, with the freedom to confidently deal with anything, so that you experience power, freedom and peace of mind in the face of what there is for you to do and handle in life.


Mission Control® is a two-day course that astonishes people with how it helps them boost their personal productivity (at least 3 to 5 times more productive). While the course is designed for professionals, participants find they can achieve a greater sense of control over their personal lives, as well.