• An organization is more like a living system than like a machine.
  • An organization is a network of conversations (forms of speaking and listening) and nothing else.
  • This network of conversations defines its culture, leadership and strategic vision, as well as its performance, productivity and profitability.
  • An organization’s culture is NOT a fixed reality and need NOT be difficult to change.
  • Our clients acquire new abilities to reinvent their networks of conversations, making possible and achievable what previously as impossible.


  • Our clients’ people examine their current conversations through questionnaires, interviews, seminars and coaching.
  • This process is both exhaustive and exhilarating, and deals with the obvious foreground conversations, as well as the unspoken background
  • Together, we examine the “drift” of the organization, enabling all to see that their past and present is leading them inexorably into an “almost-certain-future”.
  • Our clients then learn new distinctions in powerful speaking and listening.
  • They develop a heightened understanding of how persistent complaints impede any future beyond what is predictable.
  • They go through a proven process to “complete” the past and tie up loose ends.
  • Our consulting leaves the people and system in a process that is self-generative, dynamic, adaptive and creative.


  • An opening for creation and invention is generated.
  • An extraordinary future of their own design, unfettered by their past, becomes available.
  • Massive energies previously expended in dysfunctional activities are now refocused and targeted on a new, and previously impossible, future.

At first view, this may sound simple. In actuality, the process varies dramatically by client and specific goal. We have many different programs, each meticulously tailored to the specific needs of every client. As clients gain competence and mastery in our technologies, everything begins to appear simpler to them.