Leaders for the strategic future

of the being
and acting
of leaders

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Mastering of the being and acting of leaders to realize futures that were not going to happen anyway.


Aspectus’s leadership course, like all our courses, only makes a difference to clients if new actions are taken that aren’t the product of “business as usual” thinking or even of employing highly effective modern management techniques. Since what great leaders do is make happen what wasn’t already going to happen, most approaches to developing leadership concentrate on knowing more about what leaders do and how they do it. The Aspectus edge is in looking elsewhere for access to leadership transformation. We assert that it is the being of leaders that is decisive in shaping their thinking and their actions.


However, transforming the being of leaders in this course requires an extraordinary openness and honesty to identify the ways of being they have heretofore seen as great strengths and to see how these actually limit their freedom to choose the ways of being appropriate for each leadership situation. This limitation comes from the automatic way we have of using our predetermined strengths. In this course, our clients experience a fundamental transformation in what is automatic versus what is consciously chosen as appropriate in each situation.